Wooden Turn and Tilt Windows

Turn and Tilt Windows

Have it your way. A multifunctional system for greater versatility, security and energy efficiency.
Turn and Tilt is a unique system designed to give any window or door two opening options. The different modes are easily selected by turning the handle between the vertical and horizontal positions. This system can be used throughout the home to provide draft free ventilation while remaining secure.
The tilt mode is ideal for secure, passive ventilation. It allows ample fresh air to flow into the room and trapped hot air at ceiling height to be drawn out so that little if any draft is felt. Windows and doors can be left securely in this ventilation mode in all but the worst driving rain, allowing your home to breathe with optimal efficiency.
The turn mode is for maximum ventilation, unrestricted views, easy of cleaning and easy access. In this mode the sash becomes side hung and opens inward. In most situations it is possible to configure the window in such a way that the sash can be opened 180 degrees.
When the handle is placed in the downward position, the window or door is sealed securely and locked via a multi-pint locking system around the entire frame in at least four points. It firmly compresses the dual gasket seal resulting in a completely draft free, weather tight window or door.
A ‘Tilt First’ option is also available as an additional safety feature where windows and doors need to be restricted to the tilt mode unless emergency access or cleaning is required. To activate the turn mode, a two handed operation of key and handle is required. This is perfect for upstairs windows where the building code may have restrictions on the maximum opening of windows.
Turn and Tilt doors provide both access and ventilation, removing the need for other ventilating joinery units in some area. We manufacture both single and French turn and tilt doors.