Features : Finishes


All Optimal windows are supplied either finish painted or oiled. This guarantees that all surfaces including the hidden ones are coated prior to any hardware, gasket or glazing being installed.
It also ensures that when the joinery itself is installed, it is ready to take on the elements and is not left standing around unprotected until project construction is complete and painting can finally commence. We have worked hard to identify which products work well in New Zealand’s challenging environment. What works well in other countries does not necessarily work well here.
Our paint system consists of one coat of oil based primer to give good surface adhesion and block all tannin leaching. This is followed by a minimum of two water based enamel top coats applied by an air assisted airless spray unit to give a long lasting, durable and incredibly smooth finish.
Our oiling process involves dipping the window components in a bath of oil to completely saturate the surface and allow the oil maximum penetration. The joinery is then left for up to a week before the process is repeated.
It is of course possible to have the exterior of your joinery supplied with a paint finish and the interior oiled.