Features of Wooden Joinery

Features of Wooden Joinery

Wooden Joinery Construction


No compromises are made with our construction methods ... more »
Wooden Joinery Security / Hardware

Security / Hardware

Experience has taught us which hardware products are suitable for New Zealand conditions ... more »
Timber used in Wooden Joinery


At Optimal, we use selected timber species that meet our durability and stability requirements ... more »
Glazing used in Wooden Joinery


Correct glazing specification can greatly enhance your homes thermal, acoustic and security performance, as well as eliminating interior condensation ... more »
Wooden Joinery Finishes


All Optimal windows are supplied either finish painted or oiled. This guarantees that all surfaces including the hidden ones are coated prior to any hardware, gasket or glazing being installed ... more »
Handles used with Wooden Joinery


View our extensive range of handle options ... more »