Features : Glazing


This is often the most overlooked part of window construction.
Correct glazing specification can greatly enhance your homes thermal, acoustic and security performance, as well as eliminating interior condensation.
A range of glazing options to improve the thermal properties of your windows are available. Beginning with standard air filled double glazed units (DGUs), Argon filled DGUs, through to three tiers of Low E/Argon DGUs. These need careful consideration as they can greatly improve the thermal performance of your window and your home as a whole.
Specific measures can be taken to improve the sound blocking quality of your windows by correct glazing. The inclusion of a layer of laminate glass in the DGU or alternating the thickness of the two individual panes can reduce most sound frequencies. We can advise on a system to meet you requirements.
Burglar resistant glass is available to resist manual attack and prevent access.
A full range of tints, obscured glasses and leadlights can also be incorporated into DGUs as well.
All our joinery is supplied with minimum 24mm DGUs fitted with thermal or warm edge spacer bars . This allows what is an optimal airspace of 16mm between the two panes of glass.
We are happy to offer guidance to identify the ideal glass for you particular project and work to get the best results possible for you joinery.