Why Optimal? : Good Design

Optimal Design

A high quality result begins with good design.
From the aesthetic decisions of handle colour and surface finishes through to structural and functional decisions of timber species and glazing requirements we have collaborated with clients on just about every aspect of window design.
We are more than happy to work though the design process with clients, architects, designers, builders or draftsman to achieve the best solutions with minimal fuss. You can rest assured that the person you discuss design with will remain in very, very close (physical) contact with the project from start to finish.
Every project is different and treated as such. We are not a mass producer of windows and doors and because of this we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in every aspect of a project from initial design work until the last piece of glass is installed on site and one final check of the joinery is complete.
Optimal Wooden Joinery Design - A high quality result begins with good design